Protect your information,
equipment & people.

Computing Solutions will work with you to install state of the art software that protects your networks and keeps your business running.


Wireless & Mobile

Increasing productivity.
Cutting costs. Staying competitive.

It's the mandate of every company, especially essential in today's fast moving business environments.


Tech Support

We are there
when things go wrong.

Computing Solutions can handle all your technical support needs, we can work with vendors to troubleshoot your problems and get you back up and running immediately.


Computing Solutions is a full service IT systems integrator that provides robust technical solutions for business, government and educational organizations.

Providing everything from large scale application integration to configuration of mobile devices, our team of professionals quickly assesses your technology requirements and works with you to build a strategic approach that can be rapidly implemented within your time and budget requirements. Our team has extensive experience in all major computing environments including Open Source, Microsoft, and Macintosh. We have in depth knowledge of networking infrastructure having installed numerous networks, security, and cabling solutions.

Computing Solutions can provide you the expertise you require, high quality service and robust technical solutions.

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